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We appreciate that not all the terms that we use will be clear to everyone, so here is an explanation of what we offer.

Telephone Support – Dedicated telephone number for maintenance customers, often issues can be resolved immediately over the phone.

Remote Support – We will establish a connection to your computer/network in order to diagnose and fix issues remotely, without the need for a site visit.

Remote Monitoring – We can set up alarms to warn us of certain problems and in many cases, we can fix them before you even realise! Your connection is completely secure with no danger of your company information being compromised.

Email Support – You can communicate with us via email if you prefer. We will also diagnose and fix email problems both with client systems and with the Office 365 Platform

Domain Support – We can offer assistance in maintaining your internet domain eg:

Internet Connectivity – We will resolve internet connection problems

24/7 Server Monitoring – Our remote hardware monitoring station will monitor your server hardware all day every day. Should a problem be detected or reported we will contact you to discuss the resolution or alternatively and dependent on the problem, will start to work to resolve it immediately.

Network Support – Anything to do with your network including cabling, switches, internet connectivity etc.

Onsite Support – If your problem cannot be resolved in any other way, then we will recommend a site visit from one of our qualified engineers. This is provided as part of the contract for customers who have selected it and can be paid for separately by others.

Remote Backup – Automated secure backup of your files on our server. If your system were to fail then we can supply you with your lost data.

Extra to Contract – For Full Contract Customers, this is any work on systems that are not part of your IT Hardware infrastructure, typically this would include CCTV Units, Time Logging Machines, Factory Production Equipment unless the problem is with the network connecting to them. In this case, the time used to analyse the problem will be billed in addition to your contract payment.  Extra to Contract does not apply to PrePay or Adhoc Work as these are by definition based on time used.

For further clarification, or if you have any specific questions, then please call us on 01948 820787 and speak to our management team.