Are you patched against Krack?

A recent vulnerability has been found in the way that WPA2 encryption works that makes it possible to gain access to wireless networks that use WPA2, it has been named Krack (short for Key Reinstallation Attack).

Firstly some things to remember, the person gaining access to the system has to be physically near to your WiFi network so if your WiFi does not extend outside the building then the attacker has to be within your four walls.

Secondly, you can upgrade the firmware on the majority of major systems already, visit the vendor’s website and download and install the firmware that has been patched.

For your information, the websites for popular devices are shown below:

Espressif Systems:  Link

Fortinet: Fortinet’s support forum

HostAP: Link

Intel: link

Linux: link

Netgear: link

Microsoft: link

Microchip: link

MikroTik:  link

OpenBSD:  Errata60 , Errata61

Ubiquiti Networks: Link,

WatchGuard:  Link

The best way to stay protected is a regular update of all systems and software.


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