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Wireless – B / G / N / AC which do I need ?

Wireless networks are improving all the time and the versions of wireless that you see on devices vary greatly in performance and range, however some of the results of testing are quite revealing.


Wireless Name Transfer Speed Indoor Range Frequency Year of Release
Wireless AC 1.3 Gbps 115 Feet 5 GHz 2013
Wireless N 300 Mbps (2 Antenna) 230 Feet 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz 2009
Wireless G 54 Mbps 125 Feet 2.4 GHz 2003
Wireless B 11 Mbps 115 Feet 2.4 GHz 1999


Modern devices should be N or AC,  N provides more connectivity as it supports the older 2.4 Ghz frequency where the newer AC wireless connects only to 5Ghz so will not connect to older routers.

The big thing for many is speed, AC has the edge here by a long way and the range is better on the 5Ghz system, generally due to the lower levels of interference as the 5Ghz spectrum is not as cluttered .. so if you have a large farmhouse with thick walls, wireless AC will generally outperform all the older protocols even though theoretically the 2.4Ghz range can transmit further !



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