TELECOMS services were not relevant a few years ago in Rural Communities, the infrastructure was not there to support them, but changes to the rural telecoms landscape are rapidly becoming widespread and the connection between IT and Telecoms is such, that we can now offer Telecoms (PSTN and VoIP Phone, Fibre Broadband, ADSL, and services around these) to users across both our local areas and nationwide

The use of the internet and data connections to provide Voice communication is now very much the standard for businesses. The ability for a business to move quickly into a new market, a new area can make the difference in gaining efficiencies and the low overhead cost and very short contractual periods on services like VoIP Telephony can have a positive effect on your profitability from inception.

We use the NFON Platform for all our VoIP services as we believe that they provide a comprehensive system that operates most efficiently, and therefore effectively in rural environments where although you may have access to faster services, the true operation is not as good as that in the Cities.

We are Gold Level partners with NFON and as such can provide the highest levels of technical knowledge and support to your requirements.

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