Backup is worth nothing to your business …

Fact: We speak on an almost daily basis to clients about backup for their data.

Fact: We encourage all clients to have a solid backup strategy for their business

Fact: We are told by Clients that they understand the importance of data backup

Fact: Backup is worth nothing .. nada .. nix ..

Many years ago, we attended a customer site after they had an unfortunate hardware error that basically lost all their data, two disk errors occurred on a RAID Array which meant that their data was gone. They called us to get two new disks and then to come and put their data back. They weren’t a contract client of ours, they had just set up their systems using another company and then administered the day to day operations themselves.

We arrived and installed the new disks and then asked for the backup tapes.

A metal secure box was produced containing the previous days backup, not only was this available, but another separate box was produced containing the daily backups for the previous week and yet a third with a monthly backup set.

This was impressive stuff, a full “grandfather, father and son” set of tapes with a monthly extra set so this was great!

The restore process was started and within a couple of minutes, a restore was complete … seemed a bit quick for my liking but still ..

So we went to restart to the previous night and there was a distinct lack of activity.

At this point, we ran an integrity check on the tape set we were using and it reported a perfect backup, but of nothing, nada, nix.

We discovered at this point that the backups that this client had been running every night ( and the additional monthly ones ) were completely blank, nothing had been selected within the backup software to backup, but these blank backups were scheduled.

The upshot was that the disk set and the two defective drives were sent to a data recovery company who luckily managed to piece together the data for the client using their recovery clean room, but the bill was ( I understand ) somewhat eye-watering for the client.

So, when was the last time you restored a backup and checked what was on it?

Backup is worth nothing, but Restore is worth everything.

Don’t get caught out, run a backup confidence test regularly to ensure that you are taking care of the data you hold, the GDPR says that you must be able to recover your client data in a complete and timely fashion, the only way you can do this is by backup confidence testing.

If you want to discuss how this can be achieved, then feel free to give one of out team a call – 01948 820787

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