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Microsoft EES Licensing for Schools – How it Works

** If you are looking for OVS-ES / EES pricing, these change on a daily basis due to the $/£ fluctuations, please call us on 01948 820787  option 1 and we will get you up to date pricing for any OVS-ED / EES Licencing requirements you have **

The Microsoft annual subscription service for schools is almost certain to make looking after your schools Microsoft software licencing easier than it has ever been, and we have to say that for most schools it will be considerably cheaper!

Microsoft EES or “Enrollment for Education Solutions” is the new alternative to the older Microsoft Schools Agreement for volume licensing. It has many advantages and also adds much easier administration and a considerably reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The time spent to administer the Microsoft EES licence system is also greatly reduced which we know will be music to the ears of Bursers and Business Managers everywhere!

 The way it works :

1. You count your staff and not your computers
The Microsoft EES scheme calculates your cost by determining your Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) staff and not the number of computers in the school. The FTE calculation is easily produced by simply determining how many staff you have that work over 200 hours per annum and have access to (i.e. use) computers in your school, this gives your FTE value. You would not include staff such as caretakers or gardeners (unless they use IT in their work).

2. PC and MAC’s are Covered

You can use the Microsoft EES scheme to licence Microsoft Software for MAC and PC Desktops, Laptops and then add Servers as required

3. Annual Calculation

You only need to provide the numbers of staff as the FTE value for your Microsoft Initial EES Licence application. Each year we will contact you to confirm this number, adjust for any additional staff (or any reduction) and your payment will then cover you for the next 12 months. If you install a new Computer Suite during the year (from i7 Technologies Ltd of course!) then you don’t need to buy more licences, you only have to pay additional licences if you take on more staff.

3. Downgradable to Previous Versions

With the Microsoft EES Licence scheme, you get downgrade rights allowing you to use older versions of Microsoft Software, this is a great advantage is you have older equipment, or if you want to stage the transfer to newer versions.

4. Software Assurance Included

Microsoft EES Licencing includes Microsoft Software Assurance making sure that your school always has access to the latest versions of Microsoft software if you require them.

5. Teachers – Working from home
Microsoft EES Licencing include “Work At Home” rights so that staff can prepare their lessons at home using the same schools Microsoft Office licence.

Exclusions: Students that have a PC or laptop assigned for their exclusive use are not covered by EES and require a separate (but still low cost) licence for the software on their system.

There are very few reasons for you NOT to use Microsoft EES Licencing for your school, call us today to discuss your requirements in detail, we can provide you with pricing, fulfil your order and make sure you are fully licenced for the next twelve months.

Call our sales team – 01948 820787 today for details and pricing for your school.

  • Steve F
    Posted at 10:26h, 28 June Reply

    A quick update on this post, there are some questions about how EES will be affected in the future by the agreement between the UK Government and Microsoft.
    For subscription Schools on OVS-ES/ESS, the agreement has been reached that Microsoft will not align their pricing with the rest of Europe until July 2018, this is to promote the move of all schools to a Cloud Infrastructure.
    What this means to you is that to ensure you take the greatest advantage from the OVS-ES/EES agreement, you need to ensure that you renew your agreement for ONE YEAR immediately and then in June 2018 you should renew on a new three-year agreement which will allow you to take full advantage of the EES Pricing and maximise your savings under the EES. Licensing scheme,
    If you want assistance with this, then please get in touch.

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