Fujitsu D556 PC

Fujitsu D556 Desktop – Screen Freezes

We have found a problem with the Fujitsu D556 SFF PC where is the system is left for any length of time, it can freeze and the only way to restart is to power off the system and restart, obviously all data that has not been saved at this point is lost.

The problem is related to the BIOS and Graphics Driver and is only seen on some systems.

There are 3 possible fixes for this problem, for non-technical readers, item 2 is the one to start with, you can use the Fujitsu Desk Update facility to get the latest BIOS and Drivers for your system and these are also available from the Fujitsu website.

1) Update the BIOS:  
The fix (a microcode update for the processor) for this issue was implemented in the BIOS release R1.14.0 / R1.15.0

2) Update the Graphics Driver:
Updating the graphics driver “Intel HD Graphics” to the version:
32-bit: – – PV – 32bit (13/06/2016)
64-bit: – – PV – 64bit (13/07/2016)

3) Change a BIOS Setting:
If the BIOS setting “Package C State Limit” is set to ‘Auto’ change it to ‘C0’, this BIOS item can be found under Advanced – CPU Configuration


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