Office 365 – Updates for July 2018

Microsoft has issued the latest update video for Office 365 changes and enhancements for July.

You can see the update here

We suggest that you have a look at the video is a great way of keeping yourself abreast of the latest developments and it only takes a few minutes.

Interesting bits this month include changes to the Ribbon in the Online Office Products that are being rolled out, new information that can be linked to and from the planner, changes to Teams including the inclusion of Skype calls, and also changes in Sway (not widely used – Sway can be thought of as “Instagram for Office”) so if you are into photographs as part of your daily life, then this could be relevant to you.

As we do the administration for the majority of our clients on O365, the final section on changes to the Admin Centre may not be so relevant but the changes are there anyway,

All in all, we like these updates, they are bite-sized bits of information that can make sure that you are taking advantage of the tools that you have available.

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