Office 365 Updates – What is included this month ?

More and more of our clients (the vast majority) have now moved to Microsoft Office 365 which either is a replacement email server solution or alternatively a subscription to all the Microsoft Office products and every update.

For those who have the software inclusive version ( Business Premium ) the updates for all the office products are regular and quite extensive, however the contents of the update and extension of the features included in all the applications (Word / Excel / Outlook  etc) are often numerous so, where can you get information on the latest application updates, features and a basic understanding of how the updates can be used to improve your productivity ?

Microsoft produce and release a monthly video on the updates to the Microsoft Office 365 products, this is usually 10 minutes, but is well worth a look (over a cup of coffee) on a monthly basis.

This months update (May 2018) contains information on changes to Excel, Outlook, Planner (did you know about planner?), Sharepoint, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Score – a new product that can help to look after your organization’s Security to ensure you are secure and compare your business with other businesses in similar industries.

The Office 365 Monthly Update is a great resource to keep abreast of the latest options and features ..

The latest update can be found here ..  , this is for May 2018.

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